Monday, 29 October 2012

Building your own Lettuce Tower

If you live in the city like we do and your growing space is limited, the growing tower is your ultimate solution. I do not know who was the first to think about it, but I find it ingenious. All you'll need for making your own tower is a plastic sewage pipe and a drill with a hole saw.

We decided to make holes of 4 cm in diameter, leaving horizontal space of about 10 cm between any two holes and vertical space of about 17 cm.

The main question was whether we should drill first and then fill the pipe or fill it first and then drill. Obviously, it is much easier to drill first but then the earth spills out of the pipe when you fill it. To prevent it, just cover the holes with duct tape before you start filling the pipe. 

The outcome - 18 plants in just one planter. 
As Ren & Stimpy used to say - "happy happy, joy joy"

70+ things you can do with plastic bottles

since we seriousely started this whole sustainability thing/thought we are constantly looking for new things with items that would usually go to the garbage like toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, plastic bags, cans.... and of course plastic bottles. even though we dont use that many (we drink filtered tap water and soda or coca cola are pretty rare in our fridge) we sitll end up with some bottles once in a while. At the moment rotem brings them to a recycling station with all the other plastic and paper but look at all the other wonderfull things you can do with them! (most photos are linked to DIY projects, so just click!)

If you are interested in more projects have a look at my pinterest board =)
colourfull lanterns
beautiful lamps

LED blossoms
flower girlands
ghost string lights
lamp shades
carzy lamps =)
halloween pumpkins

light sources
bird houses
bird feeder
humming bird feeder
flower vases
woven vases
hanging vases
glitter planters/vases
selfwatering planters
solar self watering system

window farms

storage jars, lights ...
pencil holders, vases ...
capsules to store tiny things
phone charging holder
small storage containers
woven baskets
storage for newspapers, magazines and letters
pencil cases
jewlery organizers
use them to tight plastic bags
car canopy

green house roof tiles

animal feeders
cat food dispensers

mosquito traps

window shades
and more bracelets

ear rings

christmas decoration
snow flakes
christmas stars
christmas trees
wire for jewlery and decorations
chess sets
jump ropes
plastic bottle rockets
jet packs
apples ;)